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The republic shall, because of the vital role assigned to the individual citizen under this constitution for the social, economic and political well being of liberia, provide equal access to educational opportunities and facilities for all citizens to the extent of available resources. Former virginian joseph jenkins roberts americas first look into the camera, a trader and successful military commander, was named the first lieutenant governor and became the first africanamerican governor of the colony. Constitution to be considered duly elected under constitution b. The liberia ministry of education, with support from the united nations childrens fund unicef, commissioned a consultancy to evaluate the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and impact of the accelerated learning programme alp in the country. Whether a child born outside liberia is entitled to liberian citizenship. The islands swampy, unhealthy conditions resulted in a high death rate among the settlers as well as the societys representatives. The current constitution, which came into force on 6 january 1986, replaced the liberian constitution of 1847, which had been in force since the independence of liberia.

A nonpartisan political forum devoted to education and discourse on the liberian constitution and election laws. V shall be placed on the mass education of the liberian people and the elimination of illiteracy. Much like the 1847 constitution, the constitution creates a system of government heavily modeled on the federal government of the united states. Elections coordinating committee statement on the voter. After the suspension of the 1847 constitution, the military ruled by decree and in 1984 a commission was set up to draft a new constitution for liberia. During the first cycle, liberia received no recommendations relevant to nationality, statelessness or birth registration. Rudolph grimes, who worked along with senegalese foreign minister. From colony to republic 1820 the american colonization society sent its first group of immigrants to sherbro island in sierra leone. The constitution commissions strategy of public dialogue on key issues opened up the space for the liberian people to make choices on the form and nature of governance they preferred. Constitution of liberia 1986 more liberia documents. The 1986 consti tution also provides for the establishment of a freo. Tubmans open door economic policy brought a great deal of foreign investment at heavy price, as the divide widened between the prospering americoliberians benefiting from such investment and the rest of the. Posted in 1847 constitution, african politics, americoliberians, april 12 1980, charles taylor, comprehensive peace agreement cpa 2003, conference of liberian organizations in southwestern united states colosus, corruption, elections in liberia, ellen johnson sirleaf, european federation of liberian associations efla, federation of. The solution to the liberian conflict rests on the.

Towards constitutional reform in liberia pambazuka news. All of the appointments shall be subject to the consent of. Republic of liberia business corporation act 1977 the associations law, title 5, as amended, of the liberian code of laws revised certified copy of articles of incorporation issued on the 28th day of february, 2012 the liscr trust company 80 broad street monrovia liberia of sample corporation registration number. The american colonization society hereby grants to the colonies or settlements in liberia, on the western coast of africa, under its care. Was article 52c of the 1986 constitution intended to. Whereas, chapter 11, article 90 of the 1986 constitution of liberia stipulates the. It says how the government of liberia is organized and operated. The voter registration was guided by the following legal instruments. Article 28 of the constitution of the republic of liberia states. Constitution of the republic of liberia liberian codes revised, vol. Liberia country constitutional profile constitutionnet.

The presidency of liberia is largely modeled on the presidency of the united states executive functions. In 1971, william tubman, liberias president of 27 years, died while in office. The 1986 constitution of the republic of liberia constitution of the republice of liberia preamble chapter i structure of the state article 1. The handbook on legislation and law drafting is addressed to anybody who is involved in the legislative process in liberia. Modeled after the united states, the constitution established a presidential system of government with. Constitution, amended with effect on january 4th 1995, the penal law of liberia, and therein defined as capital offenses, the crime of the maximum allowed for such offenses. A person is subject to prosecution in liberia for an offense which he commits partly within liberia. The british governor allowed the immigrants to relocate to a safer area temporarily while the acs worked to save its colonization. In 1986 when the constitution came into existence, liberia had existed as a nationstate for one hundred and thirtynine years without any major civil unrest other than what occurred in the 1800s, except the 1980 military coup, which at the time was the norm in many subsaharan african countries. Art 3 of the 1986 constitution of the republic of liberia14. Position of persons appointed prior to coming into forces of constitution 95.

Largely modeled on the constitution of the united states, it remained in effect from its adoption on 26 july 1847 until its suspension by the peoples redemption council on 12 april 1980 the constitution created a unitary state governed by three branches of government. Article 7 the republic shall, consistent with the principles of individual freedom and social justice enshrined in this constitution, manage the national. Liberias political structure as outlined in the 1986 constitution is an americanstyle presidential system. Liberia constitution, index page document table of contents.

A brief history of liberia international center for. It is the highest law in the land, the january 6, 1986 constitution of liberia which is currently in use, is the fourth constitution of liberia 1820, 1839, 1847. We have published below the full text of the constitution of liberia. The constitution of liberia is the supreme law of the republic of liberia. Hence, there is a written constitution, giving the president considerable powers e.

It is meant to give an idea about the general background of legislation, the legislative process in liberia and the competences of the liberian legislature under the constitution. Any person, at least one of whose parents was a citizen of liberia at the time of the persons birth, shall be a citizen of liberia. The 1986 constitution of liberia is unique in several ways and different significantly irom the previous constitutions of liberia. Liberia because of his official duties or by a member of his household residing abroad.

The liberian constitution of 1847 was the first constitution of liberia. We have made the document navigable and easy to access. The constitution of the republic of liberia table of. A constitution is the establishment, the foundation of a nation and people.

The 1986 constitution gives the president the power to appoint all cabinet ministers, judges, ambassadors, sheriffs, county officials and military officers with the advice and consent of the senate. Under article 7 of the liberian constitution, the government has the responsibility to manage the natural resources of liberia in such manner as shall ensure the maximum feasible participation of. Bti 2016 liberia 6 general rights of full citizenship, which is granted exclusively to those of black african descent and includes, for example, the right to own real estate, are not disputed, and the constitution of 1986, which is still valid, is generally accepted. The constitution of the commonwealth of liberia adopted by the board of directors of the american colonization society, jauary 5, 1839. The proclamation is in consonance with chapter viii, article 83a of the 1986 constitution of liberia, which provides that the holding of elections for president, vice president and members of the house of representatives, shall be conducted throughout the republic on the second tuesday in october of each election year. Liberias constitution of 1986 we the people of the republic of liberia. During the second cycle, liberia received five relevant recommendations, including four on gender discrimination in. Liberia s constitution of 1986 we the people of the republic of liberia. President george manneh weah has in consonance with article 54 of the 1986 constitution of the republic of liberia made the following appointments in government pending confirmation by the liberian senate where applicable.

It is a charter or contract or agreement among the citizens of a nation, requiring the citizens to abide by the guidelines set up in that supreme body of laws called a constitution. Being heard is something that people from my neck of the wood value a great deal. Constitution of the republic of liberia, 1847 springerlink. Constitution of liberia 1986 more liberia documents modeled after the united states, the constitution established a presidential system of government with three branches consisting of the executive, a legislature and the judiciary. Acknowledging our devout gratitude to god for our existence as a free, sovereign and independent state, and relying on his divine guidance for our survival as a nation. Additionally, the president has the power to dismiss all appointees from. The commonwealth adopted a new constitution and a newlyappointed governor in 1839.

It was the result of the many experiences of our national history, which culminated in the april 12, 1980 coup, when our constitution of july 26. Whereas article 9 of chapter ii of the 1986 constitution of liberia also encourages bilateral and regional cooperation and liberian is party of treaty law and is a member of international. This constitution is the supreme and fundamental law of liberia. Liberian constitutions external link includes summaries and texts of previous constitutions. Swearing in of newly elected president on april 12, 1985 and coming into forces of constitution c. If no candidate obtains an absolute majority in the first ballot, a. Article 85 article 86 article 87 article 88 chapter x.

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