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The second scale, the stigma scale for receiving psychological help, is novel in assessing the anticipated stigma that a peer with mental illness who received. Graham thornicroft, institute of psychiatry, kings college london. Please read each one carefully, put an x in the box to indicate how much you have been concerned by that problem in the last 2 weeks. Zung depression scale definition of zung depression. Stigma scale fortytwo questions on the stigma of mental illness were developed from the detailed, qualitative accounts of 46 mental health service users recruited in an earlier study dinos et al, 2004. Personal stigma is generally referred to as an individuals personal thoughts and beliefs about depression, while perceived depression stigma is used to represent an individuals perception of what other people think and feel about depression calear et al. The main aims in designing the brief depression rating scale bdrs were to construct a scale which sensitively measures changes in depression, detects small differences between the effects of two treatments, and takes a short time to administer. A little of some of good part most of make check mark in appropriate column. Depression selfrating scale for children birleson 1978 instructions. Internalized stigma of mental illness scale9 ismi9. Hamilton depression r s hamd assessment psychology. For the sake of the study, this cohort of individuals surveyed will be referred to as health care workers.

Zung depression inventory mental health professionals. While there are many instruments available to measure depression, the geriatric depression scale gds, first created by yesavage, et al. The zung selfrating depression scale is a short selfadministered survey to quantify the depressed status of a patient. Center for epidemiologic studies depression scale cesd, nimh below is a list of the ways you might have felt or behaved. Please explain to the child that the scale is a way of getting to know how children really feel about things. The dss includes two 9item subscales assumed to measure personal depression stigma ie, personal perceptions of depression and perceived depression stigma ie, perceptions of how others perceive depression. The hamilton rating scale for depression hrsd is one of a number of diagnostic tools that may be useful in helping to evaluate patients effectively when depression is an issue. Measure, anticipate, discrimination, stigma, psychometric. The gds long form is a brief, 30item questionnaire in which participants. The 6item kads is designed for use in institutional settings such as schools or. The stigma of depression is different from that of other mental illnesses and largely due to the negative nature of the illness that makes depressives seem unattractive and unreliable. The hamilton rating scale for depression often abbreviated to hrsd, hdrs or hamd was written in the late 1950s by max hamilton, a psychiatrist at leeds university and originally designed to evaluate the performance of the first group of antidepressants. Stigma was a pervasive concern for almost all of these 46 participants.

Each item of the personal and perceived stigma scale is scored on a five point likert scale ranging from strongly disagree 1 to strongly agree 5, according to the coding used in griffiths et al. Scale non doubtful scale non doubtful scores cases cases cases scwres cases cases cases 07 57 11 1 07 41 4 1 810 8 7 3 810 10 9 1 1121 1 4 8 1121 5 15 14 and the rating scale of any respondent who replied positively to either of these questions was discarded. Personal and perceived stigmatization of depression. The development and validation of the questionnaire on anticipated. Internalized stigma of mental illness inventory 9item version ismi9 we are going to use the term mental illness in the rest of this questionnaire, but please think of it as whatever you feel is the best term for it. The cdrs is derived from the hamilton rating scale for depression. This study crossvalidated the factor structure of the selfstigma scaleshort ssss in a cohort of patients with mental illness in southern. Time frame refers to last two weeks unless stipulated.

Objectives the depression stigma scale dss is commonly used to assess depression stigma in the general population and in people with depression. Potential predictors includ ed demo graphic variables age, gender, education, country of birth, remoteness of reside nce, psychological distress, aw areness of au stralias national. Center for epidemiological studies depression scale for. Zung selfrating depression scale patients initials date of assessment please read each statement and decide how much of the time the statement describes how you have been feeling during the past several days. Zung selfrating depression scale the zung selfrating depression scale was designed by w. Further psychometric evaluation of the selfstigma scaleshort ncbi. Stigma scale for receiving psychological help ssrph. The ability of the baseline depression scale score depsb to predict 50 british journal of psychiatry2007, 191, 5054.

Yet other studies combine items tapping different stigma types into one scale 7,9,16. The dsspersonal score is the sum of items 19, the dssperceived score is the sum of items 1018. The kads was developed to assist in the public health and clinical identification of young people at risk for depression. This selfrating scale was developed for children between the ages of 8 and 14 years of age. Development of a 12item short version of the hiv stigma scale. The existence of depression in children and adolescents is well established, but debate remains about the phenomenology of the depressive syndrome in the young. Kads6 overview the kutcher adolescent depression scale kads is a selfreport scale specifically designed to diagnosis and assess the severity of adolescent depression, and versions include a 16item, an 11 item and an abbreviated 6item scale. Kads11 overview the kutcher adolescent depression scale kads is a selfreport scale specifically designed to diagnosis and assess the severity of adolescent depression, and versions include a 16item, a 11. Stigma and discrimination associated with depression and anxiety august 2015 page 3 of 35 stigma and discrimination. A fivecategory response set is not utilized in order to ensure that the scale is simple enough to be used when testing ill or moderately cognitively impaired individuals, for whom a more complex set of answers may be confusing, or lead to inaccurate recording of responses. Started in 1995, this collection now contains 6769 interlinked topic pages divided into a tree of 31 specialty books and 732 chapters. The use of the center for epidemiologic studies depression. The scale is still widely used to measure the effectiveness of antidepressant medication in clinical trials. The psds and the hamilton depression rating scale hds were administered to a group of 124 stroke patients, who had.

The calgary depression scale for schizophrenia is the best. Depression assessments such as the 4item geriatric depression scale are easy and quick to. The personal stigma subscale measures stigma in the respondents own attitudes towards depression by asking them to indicate how strongly they personally agree with nine. Assessment scales in depression, mania and anxietyis a formidable contribution to the field and the text is a real must for practising psychiatrists. Below is a list of problems and complaints that patients sometimes experience. For this 5item scale, respondents rate the degree in which they agree or disagree with each item using a likerttype format from 0 strongly disagree to 3 strongly agree. Mark how often you have felt this way during the past week. A drug reference page for fda approved general anesthetics is now available. In order to discover possible age differences in rates and etiology, the definition and measurement of depression must be comparable across the ages to be studied. This scale has been translated into japanese and validated by shimotsu et al. One of the stimuli for writing assessment scales in old age psychiatrywas that i was fed up trying to locate all the instruments from old photocopies of articles, which always seemed to get lost. It was created by clinicians and researchers expert in the area of adolescent depression and the application of various scales and tools in clinical, research and institutional settings. Cfa and rasch analysis suggested that the affiliate stigma scale.

Hamilton rating scale for depression hamd montgomery asberg depression rating scale madrs calgary depression scale for schizophrenia cdss the beck depression inventory was the only one of the 6 instruments that used a selfreporting mechanism to measure the extent of the depressive illness. Zung to assess the level of depression for patients diagnosed with depressive disorder. Depression is a serious illness of which i and other patients should not be ashamed but this is hard to avoid. The scoring scale is at the end of the questionnaire. Internal structure and reliability of the internalized stigma of mental illness scale ismi29 and. The internalized stigma of mental illness scale9 ismi9 was developed by dr. Max hamilton originally published the scale in 1960 and revised it in 1966, 1967, 1969, and 1980. For each question, please mark whether you strongly disagree 1, disagree 2, agree 3, or strongly agree 4. Psychiatry an objective rating instrument that evaluates depression, anxiety, hostility, phobias, paranoid ideation, obsessive compulsiveness and others. Use follow up probes or qualifiers at your discretion. The original geriatric depression scale gds was a 30item questionnaire timeconsuming and challenging for some patients and staff. Public attitudes toward depression and helpseeking in.

A final version of the scale was agreed and analyses rerun using the online survey data and data from an independent. Center for epidemiological studies depression scale for children cesdc the center for epidemiological studies depression scale for children cesdc is a 20item selfreport depression inventory with possible scores ranging from 0 to 60. Using the affiliate stigma scale with caregivers of people with. Depression stigma scale dss research school of population. The scale comprises 12 items, each measured on a 4point likert scale, with higher scores representing more severe selfstigma.

Stigma of depression a personal view british medical. In addition, new pages with more automated content will soon replace some of the older pages on the web site. Stan kutcher, 2006 3 11item kutcher adolescent depression scale. Internalized stigma of mental illness inventory 9item. Therefore, effective treatment starts with a thorough understanding. Later versions retain only the most discriminating questions. It is conceivable that predictors of stigma differ not only according to the depression status of the respondent, but also as a function of the type of stigma under study and the scale used to measure it. Give the scale to the child with the directions below. In the geriatric depression scale, questions are answered yes or no. The depression stigma scale is designed to measure stigma associated with depression. People with psychosis or drug dependence were most likely to report. The hamilton rating scale for depression hrsd, also called the hamilton depression rating scale hdrs, abbreviated hamd, is a multiple item questionnaire used to provide an indication of depression, and as a guide to evaluate recovery.

During the past week rarely or none of the time less than 1 day some or a little of the time 12 days occasionally or a moderate amount of time 34 days. Columbia disc depression scale ages 11 and over child. Stigma may differ depending on the timing of groupmembership entry, whether a person was born that way or became that way. Hamilton rating scale for depression dual diagnosis. Alex linley2, jake harwood3, christopher alan lewis4 and patrick mccollam4 1university of warwick, uk 2university of leicester, uk 3university of arizona, usa 4university of ulster, uk the purpose of this paper was. Depression is not only a spectrum disorder but also a symptom caused by other mental health issues. Development of a standardised measure of the stigma of mental illness article pdf available in the british journal of psychiatry 1903. The idea was to gauge potential barriers within the epds that could result in it being less effective with the refugee population. Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible. The childrens depression rating scale cdrs is a 16item measure used to determine. Disability, a highly understudied minority group, varies on. Stigma scale for receiving psychological help ssrph the ssrph is conceptualized as a measure of public stigma komiya et al. The affiliate stigma scale is a promising instrument with sound psychometric properties for measuring. The internalized stigma of mental illness scale 9 ismi9 was developed by dr.

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