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Never use tall billy cases without bolting them to the wall, especially if you live in an area prone to earthquakes. Carefully stand your bookcase back up, and secure it to the wall if necessary. The thin cardboardish back panel was folded into thirds in the flatpacked box, so when we unfolded it and secured it to the back of the bookcase with small finish nails it still had some telltale creases and looked a bit shoddy to boot. Billy oxberg bookcase with panel glass door, white, glass, 40x30x202 cm. This takes a little bit more work, but it will make your bookcases look built in. The billy bookcase is pretty straightforward to build right out of the box, or you can get creative and make elaborate storage that looks great. Billy oxberg bookcase with panel glass doors, blackbrown, glass, 120x30x202 cm. Measure the height, width and thickness of the backing. Make sure the back panel is pushed tight towards the top shelf while you do the nailing, any looseness will make your shelving unit wobbly. Where to find carboard backing to desks and bookshelves. The hub cut the baseboard out from the back wall so the billy bookcase could be pushed up against the wall. They are 20 years old a true testament that they are indeed a classic ikea item that you can use by itself or in many combinations. Oct 26, 2017 the billy was made to be versatile, so use this to your advantage by creating a bookcase that suits your needs and style perfectly. This simple ikea hack upgrades your billy bookcase cheaply and easily by hiding the holes for the adjustable shelves.

His initial sketches for the bookcase were done on the back of a napkin. She used osb, which makes the diy look modern and functional, while remaining super affordable. I agree that bookcases do look better if you can see the color of the wall throught them. Billy is a modern bookcase, now more customizable and used in many more ways than just for books. See more ideas about bookshelves, painted bookshelves and painted back bookshelves. How to hack sliding doors for ikea billy bookcases. Add removable wallpaper to the back of your billy bookshelves by. I have not one, but two ikea billy bookcases that need to be transformed so they coordinate with the new color scheme i am doing my studioffice in. Are there lowend bookcases without the cardboardlike back. Pretty impressive considering we launched billy in 1979. Would the billy still be functional without the backboard. How to build a faux wall of inexpensive builtin bookcases using ikea billy bookshelves to create beautiful shelving. Aug 19, 2011 place the flimsy backing piece back on your bookcase as directed, but use more nails hammered more closely together. They are just one more way that you can customize a billy bookshelf or any bookshelf you may have.

Apr 24, 2017 he got his high doors and a temporary cornice the pins were never hammered right in. Take a look at 19 of the best billy bookcase builtins ever. Billy can be as small and humble or as big and proud as you want it to be. Adjustable shelves can be arranged according to your needs. I attached a thin piece of molding at the the bottom of the light panel to hide the seams and to add more visual interest. Most ikea bookcase backing is only 116 inch thick, but measure to be sure your new backing will fit in. Ikea 49017834 billy oxberg bookcase good to know different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Diy builtin bookcase reveal an ikea hack studio 36. Ikea billy bookcase hack with shiplap in 2020 with images. Replacement back folding panels for ikea furniture. Kate from centsational girl made a pair of ikea billy bookcases unrecognizable by installing base and crown molding.

Besides the crown molding, the custom back panel allows you to pull in other colors or patterns. Billy new,deeper bookcase, aneboda 3drawer drawer chest, 2 billy olsbo glass panel doors description. How to apply removable wallpaper to ikea billy bookshelves top. Using beadboard wallpaper on ikea billy bookcases may 24, 20. Painted the back panel a dark charcoal behrs stealth jet. As you can see in the diagram, the wall is continuous but indents in about 14 inches. Once upon a time, a little bookcase became a beloved classic around the world. Mar 24, 2016 kristina of ich designer created a series of these sliding doors for her billy bookcases. Before you start nailing, get your billy nice and square, and be sure you have plenty of appropriately sized nails along the top, into the middle permanent shelf, and along the bottom. With tips for removing the backing and hiding the groove or channel at the back. Using beadboard wallpaper on ikea billy bookcases overthrow. Jan 25, 2015 fyi, the back panel has a specific purpose and thats to prevent the bookcase from shearingracking, which in the case of flat pack furniture will destroy that joints pretty quickly. Perfect for an office, library, study, living room, or kids room.

Discover our billy modern bookcase series, modular by design and a flexible storage unit that can be used for more than. Here are several creative and fun ideas to transform a boring back panel into one with pizzazz. It was dreamed up in 1978 by an ikea designer called gillis lundgren who sketched it on the back of a napkin, worried that he would. She painted it white and added a fun floral fabric to the back. Billy oxberg bookcase with panelglass doors, black. May 01, 2000 begin construction by using a tape measure to mark the length of a side panel on 1 x 10 stock, and lay out the cut line with a square. May 05, 2016 we added four pieces of wood panels on the walls both sides of the fireplace as the long board that goes on the side was 12. How to stabilize a bookshelf without backing the home depot. When it comes to hacking beautiful storage, no other ikea product works a room like the billy bookcase. If you have a tall case with glass doors, tape them. If you do, then make sure you account for the small line that is built into the bookcases see picture in which you are supposed to slide the cardboard. It makes sense because its cardboard, but it really freaked me out.

Aug 1, 2016 a bookcase back panel is a great opportunity to add style to a plain bookcase. Ikea billy bookcase hack with shiplap angela marie made. Whatever your decision, it would be highly advisable to fasten the bookshelves to the wall with a simply lbracket mounted to the top of the unit and into a wall stud. How to make over and style an ikea billy bookcase using fabric and cardboard. Ikea billy bookcase hack i like the beadboard backing, replacing the cardboard. Cover the back wall of the bookcase with patterned fabric. High gloss billy bookcase was no longer desirable and a new look was imminent. Billy bookcase with panel glass doors, white, 31 12x11 34x79 12.

First being the the holes on the billy are not really of concern if youre going to the cut the unit down. This diy builtin billy bookcase project gave me an affordable way to create a customcabinetry feel for our home library. The bookcase was designed in 1979 by gillis lundgren, ikeas fourth employee. Unless youre up close, you cant see the holes, which is usually a telltale sign of an ikea piece. Since the back panel of a single bookcase is fairly small. We have brought together the best ikea billy hacks in one place to inspire you to create something amazing. Place the flimsy backing piece back on your bookcase as directed, but use more nails hammered more closely together. Filled in the peg holes with white nail hole filler. This ikea billy bookcase built turned out beautifully. The asis department was happy to look for spares but didnt have any and said they dont really get pax stuff frequently. We used the oxberg doors for hidden storage underneath. Noz design adding lights to bookcases is always a practical decision.

The thin cardboard backing of the billy bookcase can rip or be punctured, leaving eyesores behind. This is a view from the side from the front you hardly notice it. Remove the bookcases removable shelves and set them aside. Billy bookcase with panelglass doors, white, 31 12x11 3. Awesome ikea billy bookcases ideas for your home home. Particleboard, foil, melamine foil, abs plastic plinth front. The easiest way to hide the holes in your billy bookcase. May 28, 2019 built in bookcases using ikea billy bookcases. Should a young child decide to climb up to get some enticing item, they could well tip forward and fall, causing damage and personal injury.

Mar 22, 2017 i used the same thin trim to cover the seam between the billy bookcase and the extension unit. Tutorial to add beveled crown molding on billy bookcase ikea this is an excellent storage solution for as bedroom. Painting the bookcases back panel might be a great way to add a color splash to your room. The reason i dont want the backboard is that im placing it around a wall socket, so the plugs are going to jut into the open space. Using an ikea billy hack is a great way to create a stunning bookcase on a budget. Then i noticed that the wetter wall papers were causing warping of the back panel due to the water. Hammer the 18 nails back in place along the top, bottom and middle shelves. The thin cardboardish back panel was folded into thirds in the. It is estimated that every five seconds, one billy bookcase is sold somewhere in the world. Here are 25 diy bookcase makeovers you have to see. Plywoodmdf is used because it does this job cheaply without adding a ton of weight to the piece. Its also a wonderful and costeffective way to give a functional piece of furniture a totally new look. How to make ikea billy bookcase builtins place of my taste. Mar 09, 2018 the back panel is a great opportunity to add style, color and interest to a plain bookcase.

Replacement back folding panels for ikea furniture ikea is pretty much completely unhelpful in getting replacement back panels for a couple pax cabinets. Billy is a modern bookcase, now more customisable and used in many more ways than just for books. Can billy bookcases be assembled without the backboard. Begin by assembling the bookcase using the directions included in the box.

Whether that means diying together the single and double cases. If you attach both of them together it will make them more stable but it would be better if you either used the lbrackets like you mentioned in all 4 corners or you could use 18 plywood and just nail it in the bottom 1 or 2 openings. She was the shy type, usually likes to stay in her private bedroom. They move on casters with the help of a ushaped channel she affixed to the front of the shelves. Bookcase has a laminated finish on the back s interior and an unfinished back side highquality, veneer bookcase features a vintage square design solid, 34inch thick shelves are adjustable on 4inch centers with pinhole attachments, except for bottom shelf. Billy bookcase with panelglass doors, blackbrown, 31. How ikeas billy bookcase took over the world bbc news. See more ideas about built in bookcase, ikea billy bookcase and ikea billy. My third true loves ali now the creative force behind popup shop the garage collective spotted this small bookcase at a flea market. I checked the ikea website, but i couldnt find the lights. Assemble billy bookcase using the included ikea directions.

Panel glass doors provide dustfree storage and let you hide or display things according to your needs. Billy is manufactured for ikea by gyllensvaans mobler at their factory in kattilstorp, sweden. The ikea billy bookcase is 40 years old and there are so many great hacks out there that celebrate this birthday. How to make a diy walltowall bookcase an ikea billy. I once took the backboard off my digital piano and it became super wobbly, so dont want the same thing to happen. Need help connecting multiple billy bookcases sidebyside and frontto back. Billy library to entertainment center ikea hackers. How to replace a billy bookcase back home guides sf gate. But there was something that totally rubbed us the wrong way about billy.

I had seen many an ikea billy bookcase hack out in the blogosphere, so i knew how good those composite and laminate shelves could look after a. This stepbystep tutorial makes making walltowall bookshelves easy. Billy bookcase with panelglass doors, blackbrown, 80x202x30 cm. How to make ikea billy bookcase builtins place of my. So for that section, i want to find a way to connect two bookcases front to back to make a doubledepth billy to fill in the space. But, do not add the cardboard backing that comes with the bookcase and dont add the shelves yet either. Ikea billy could be a transparent bookcase that showcases the beautiful color of a wall behind it. Ive not recently assembled a billy, so cant comment on the 3 panel backing board and. When it comes to hacking great storage, no other ikea product works a room like the billy bookcase. The billy bookcase is perhaps the archetypal ikea product. Lift your bookcase back onto its feet and replace the shelves.

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