Wd my book not recognized by vista

External hard drive not recognized by windows vista. Usb extenal hard drive wd my book 1230 is not recognized. Problem started with the purchase of a an external drive 4 tb my book from western digital. Wd my book home edition 1 tb bought from costco last week. Wd my book not recognized windows 7windows 10windows 8windows xpwindows vista pc, recover data from not recognized wd my book external hard drive, best western digital external hard drive data recovery software help you recover ms word,excel, pictures, music, video files from wd my passport external hard drive. Ive only used wd my book external drives for years.

Fix wd external hard drive not workingrecognizedshowing up. One has all of my ripped movie files, the other has all of my photos, my documents, my music, and my steam library. This is my second my book my first one is a 1 tb yes that old. Fix wd external hard drive not workingrecognizedshowing. I bought this second extenal drive for backup to an existing identical totally functinal wd my book 1230 4 tb. My book high capacity external hard drive western digital.

Find out the most possible events, causing wd hard drive not recognized in windows 10, take responding. Vista will not recongize it as a drive on the computer. Jan, 2012 my wd external hard drive just suddenly stopped being recognized by my computer while i was watching a movie. The funny thing is that it is recognized just fine on a winxp laptop. I tried the advice in this blog and i called western digital with no success. Wd my book essential drive not recognized on my mac. Western digital external hard drive problem techspot forums. How to fix external drive not recognized error in windows. Western digitals mybook drives are very convenient and popular storage options, but if the drive stops working then you might have success by giving it a quick. Cannot access wd my passport external hard drive wd repair. Windows vista not recognizing my book essential wd community. Why isnt my wd my book external hard drive being recognized. Hello everyone, i have a wd 500gb external hard drive that is not being recognized by my computer anymore. It is working on my other pcwindows xp but here in my windows 7 ultimate it will not initialized.

When wd external hard drive, usb or other brands of storage devices are not working or not responding to any operations in your pc, dont worry. Oct 31, 2018 and in this video i have a brand new western digital drive that isnt working on my computer but im going to go over the steps needed to get this working again. The computer sees that it is connected in device manager and the dingdong you hear. External wd my book no longer recognized by vista system my book external drive not recgonized. My laptop was stolen recently and the new one has vista home premium, while my old one had xp. Buy wd 4tb my book desktop external hard drive usb 3. Hard drive is not showing up on my computer western. Click the devices tab and check whether your mac computer detects the western digital my book drive. Use unformat to recover data from not recognized wd my book external hard. I am about to reinstall my operating system, but need to save my files first. Apr 23, 2012 hi guys, i have a problem on my wd my passport essential 500gb.

The laptop is still not recognizing the external drive. The device was listed as working properly in device manager. There is drive utility software that you can download and install. I have run data checking programs and it says the system is working properly. Problems with wd my book home edition vista forums. Computer wont recognize western digital mybook 1140 1tb. My pc is an hp pavilion e9180f running windows 7 64 bits. Hi all, i have a 4 tb hard drive that i use to back up my office pc. Ive only had it for a couple months and now its not showing up on my macbook pro. If not then the cache write back is only effected which is a minor issue. I unplugged and replugged it in and got a message saying the external hard drive could not be recognized. My apologies for the category not being exactly correct. Hey guys, my laptop stopped recognizing wd passport with a letter drive in explorer. If not, look in disk management and locate the drive by drive letter.

Dec 20, 2012 i have a wd 1tb mybook 1140 external hard drive, and it has worked fine up until now. Converted to ntfs file system and loaded the device with data. I have a lot of files on it, and i need to put more on it. That should properly tell vista or windows 7 how to work with the hd. If i plug the my book into my other laptop running windows xp. Wd my passport ultra 1tb drive not detected on pc, how to fix it i have a wd my passport ultra 1tb portable drive for storing movies, photos, and important personal files. I can not access any files because it is not recgonized. Feb 18, 2009 my wd hard drive stopped working after i moved to vista. Installing on windows vista computers installing on windows 7 and windows 8 computers if you decide to not install the wd smartware software, you must have an ses driver installed on computers running windows to keep the hardware popup wizard from displaying every time you connect your my book drive to your computer.

May 21, 2010 hey, im having problems with my 1 tb wd my book essential drive external usb hdd. Find the western digital my book drives icon on the desktop and then doubleclick it. Hello, guys im suppose to ask a question but i am providing a solution to wd external hard drives at least for my book anyways, ive had my my book for a couple years gave up on because i couldnt figure how get stuff to save to the harddrive because it was not being recognized. To check whether the usb port is ok, you can unplug wd hard drive and connect it to another usb port to see if it is able to be recognized by windows 10. Sep 06, 2019 when connection port is dead or damaged, you will not see wd hard drive in windows 10. I jacked my external hd into an xp pro and it recognized it fine. External hard drive not recognized by windows vista vista. But my computer is just simply not letting me access the files in it. Id just like to let you know my fix for this problem.

When i plugged it, there the laptop recognized that there is a new device and tried to find the proper driver for it. Wd my book world edition white solved windows 10 forums. Why is the drive not recognized under my computer or on the computer desktop. I have four wd my book drives working with windows 10 and no problems. Windows vista also recognized it which means that i could see it through network discovery start network or by mapping a drive. Plugged it into a switch and its not being recognised at all, even downloaded the wd cd with the drivers and the detection tool doesnt see it either. Choose initialize disk and pick one partition system between mbr and gpt. I bought a western digital my book essential edition 1tb external hard drive in. How to solve my wd hard drive not recognized in windows 10. Oct 15, 2011 my hdd is externally powered so that is not the problem. Strangely, disk management does not recognize the wd e. It shows up in device manager as symwave wdc wd10eavs32d scsi disk device but does not show up in windows explorer. My book essential edition is a small, elegant, and easytouse usb external hard drive. So i went to the wd website and looked up my hard drive.

I thought it was the pc so i called tech to tell them but everything else we tested in those ports were all recognized except for my book. I cane home from work and turned my computer on and randomly after 3 months of owning the drive it just blinks constantly and will not be recognized by windows xp,, i feel like it is the drive itself because it does not work on a computer running vista. Both worked perfectly before upgrading to windows 10. Jun 17, 2019 i have wd elements 1tb external drive, it has a usb 3. Windows external hard drive not showing up usb drive not. Wd external hard drive not recognized in my computer wd. Kensington security slot for drive security, this device is equipped with a kensington security slot, which supports a standard kensington security cable sold separately. The older version drives which i have work fine with vista. Its been a month that my external hard drive could not be detected in my. A driver is supposed to already answered by a verified tech support specialist we use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. T400 t500 and newer t series laptopslenovo community. My 32 bit windows vista os does not recognize the 500gb wd my book essential. Mar 09, 2007 wd my book 500gb just stopped working as i have all my pictures and videos on this drive i really need to recover them is not seeing the drive rebooted same problem light is on changed adapters still same problem removed box and hooked up directly with sata cable and power connection now computer doesnt boot up any suggestions.

Establish a connection between the western digital my book drive and the mac computer. If it is still not recognized, i will format the raw partition that shows up in win7. Thank you for helping us maintain cnet s great community. Use unformat to recover data from not recognized wd my book. When i plug the usb cable in, windows recognizes that the device. Ive tried initializing it, but it keeps saying the media is write protected and wouldnt let me. I checked disk utility to see if it shows up there and it doesnt. The wd backup software is compatible with windows 10, 8. Is your hard drive not showing up on your computer. When i look in computer it does not show up under removable storage, which is where i thought it would be. What happens is i plug in my drive to power and the drive. What to do if wd backup is not working windows 108. Wd my passport essential not initialized solved windows 7. How i rescued my data from a 3tb wd my book external hard.

This morning, wd my passport suddenly became inaccessible, couldnt be detected by my computer. I have a legacy my book external 1tb hard drive that my windows 10 laptop will not recognize. My book and windows 10 external drives for pc wd community. Wd 4tb external hard drive is not recognized by t410. Western digital my book problem question and answer dti data.

I have gigabyte b450mds3h motherboard and its brand new. Dec 08, 2009 hi, ive read numerous posts in the forum and tried a few things without any luck. Wd my book 1 usb device driver download pc matic driver. External wd my book no longer recognized by vista system.

If your product is not listed above, please visit the product page. The drive would spin like normal but it wouldnt be recognized in windows. Unlike some other people with this problem, my hard drive isnt showing up on my pc windows 7 or my husbands macbook air, and although it has a flashing blue light when plugged in, it isnt making that spinning sound, which has me worried it might be a gonner. Why is my wd external hard drive suddenly no longer. Update wd external hard drive driver to make it work. I bought this drive on sale for slightly more than a 3tb and its worked great. This caused an issue as i needed windows 10 to recognize my passport to do a backup. It is however recognized by the device manager it shows external storage device but not a name mybook. Most of my external devices worked fine with vista, but my external hard drive which has all my photos and complete itunes library isna. My 32 bit windows vista os does not recognize the 500gb wd. But, i can see it in my devices and printers page, and it says it is working fine, and all the.

My wd external hard drive just suddenly stopped being recognized by my computer while i was watching a movie. Think of it as xp and older as i am not sure about vistas file system using british. In shooting another video for call that geek, i found that my wd passport not recognized in the system. If i go to device manager in control panel and attempt to install the driver, i receive a message telling me that this operation requires an interactive window station. Locate the wd hard drive that going to be initialized and right click it. My book home edition user manual about your wd drive 4 esata mode capacity gauge is not available in esata mode. However, this same wd external has been recognized on another computer, and other usb based drives are recognized by my computer. The light still comes on and it doesnt make any clicking noise, but it just doesnt show up on my computer anymore. The device manager shows it as not connected and doesnt appear in disk management either. Mar 08, 2018 in shooting another video for call that geek, i found that my wd passport not recognized in the system.

Fix wd external hard drive not workingresponding issue. If it indicates the drive is off line, click off line and a menu will pop up with an option to change the drive to online. Fix and repair wd my passport ultra not detectedshowing. This way applied to the situation that your wd hard drive shows as not initialized disk when you open disk management. Western digital my book essential drive is not shown under. Then i attempted a firmware update, which failed, and my desktop computer no longer recognized the drive. I purchased this after getting into digital photography and, unfortunately, after losing a lot of data on a portable hd which i dropped. In addition, other situations on wd backup not working may also happen in windows 108. The driver is up to date but machine clicks like clock when it first starts. How to open disk management in windows 1078xpvista. Wd my book world edition white after building a pc with win 10, ive not had my wd my book world edition used for a good while, decided to plug it in and install the drivers etc.

My 1tb wd external hard drive is not working on my windows 10 pc and i can do nothing to the drive since it fails to show up in this pc. I bought a brand new wd my book home edition 500gb external hard drive yesterday. You can follow belowoffered methods to get problems fixed right now. The makeuseof blog covers all types of technology, including advice for all the popular operating systems and gadgets on the market, and tips. Jun 20, 2010 my computer is not recognizing my external hard drive. Western digital my book 500 gb external vista forums. After updating, the hard drive with the movie files is recognized, but the one with all of my documents is not.

I tried it on the laptop too, with the same results. You were using your drive pc running windows vista and while it was running you. They are very reliable for a few years but after that not so much. My book essential edition user manual getting started 1 getting started thank you for purchasing this wd product. I have a similar problem with my wd160gb external hard drive.

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